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In the realm of luxury and individuality, custom leather products stand as the epitome of craftsmanship. They are not just items; they are expressions of personal style, tailored to perfection. At Innova Leather, we go beyond the ordinary. Our custom leather products are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating an experience. From customised leather car seats to intricately designed steering wheel wraps, each product is a testament to our dedication to perfection.

Customised Leather Car Seats: Where Luxury Meets Comfort

Our customised leather car seats are the hallmark of automotive sophistication. Imagine the pleasure of sinking into seats tailored precisely to your body, adorned with the finest leather in a shade that resonates with your style. At Innova Leather, we transform this imagination into reality. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft customised leather car seats, ensuring not just a luxurious experience but also optimal comfort during your journeys.

The process begins with understanding your preferences. From the type of leather to the stitching pattern, every detail is noted. Our craftsmen then embark on the journey of creation, sculpting seats that not only fit your car like a glove but also elevate its interior to a realm of unmatched opulence. The result? A driving experience where every moment is wrapped in luxury, and every touch is a caress of elegance.

Leather Car Seat Covers: Stylish Protection for Your Interior

Leather car seat covers are more than just protective layers; they are style statements. In a city like Singapore, where the climate can be challenging, protecting your car’s interior is crucial. But why compromise on style for the sake of functionality? Our leather car seat covers in Singapore offer the perfect balance between protection and sophistication.

Crafted from the finest leather, our seat covers are designed to endure the test of time. Whether you are dealing with the hot sun or unexpected spills, our covers provide a shield without compromising on aesthetics. From classic designs to contemporary patterns, our range of leather car seat covers caters to diverse tastes. Each cover is meticulously tailored to ensure a snug fit, preserving the original beauty of your car’s interior while adding a touch of lavishness.

Car Seat Upholstery Singapore: Tailoring Every Detail

Car seat upholstery in Singapore requires a blend of skill, innovation, and artistry. It’s not just about repairing worn-out seats; it’s about transforming them into luxurious, comfortable sanctuaries. Our expertise in car seat upholstery goes beyond surface-level repairs. We delve deep into the structure, enhancing the seats’ support and cushioning, ensuring that every drive is a pleasure.

Our craftsmen don’t merely reupholster; they elevate. Using advanced materials and techniques, we breathe new life into your car’s interior, making it a reflection of your style and a cocoon of comfort. From revamping the foam padding to selecting the perfect leather texture, our car seat upholstery services in Singapore promise a driving experience that blends indulgence with functionality.

Dashboard Rewrap and Steering Wheel Wrap: A Symphony of Style

Your car’s interior is a canvas, and the dashboard and steering wheel are its focal points. Dashboard rewraps, and steering wheel wrap services offer a unique opportunity to infuse your personality into your vehicle’s core elements. Imagine a dashboard wrapped in rich leather, exuding sophistication, or a steering wheel adorned with intricate stitching, providing a tactile delight every time you drive.

Our artisans understand the subtleties of design. They pay attention to the contours of the dashboard, ensuring a seamless rewrap that looks as if it came from the manufacturer. The steering wheel wrap is crafted with precision, considering not just the aesthetic appeal but also the grip and comfort it offers. 

Roof Lining: Elevating the Canopy of Your Car

The roof lining of your car is often an overlooked canvas. However, it has the potential to add a layer of luxury to your driving experience. Imagine looking up to see a roof lining crafted from exquisite materials, complementing the overall interior design. Our roof lining services are designed to create this effect.

We select materials that not only provide a visually appealing canopy but also contribute to acoustic insulation and temperature control. The result is an interior that feels spacious, serene, and undeniably luxurious. Our roof lining services elevate your car’s ambience, ensuring that every journey is marked by a sense of indulgence.

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Founded by Mr Soh, Mr Lim and Mr Neo in 2016, INNOVA PTE LTD is one of the most established services for Automotive Leather Seat Cover Upholstery in Singapore, supplying Kah Motor and parallel importer markets.


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At Innova Pte Ltd, we specialise in transforming automotive interiors to the pinnacle of excellence. Our expertise encompasses a range of services, including seat upholstery, repair, meticulous dashboard rewrap, steering wheel wrap, roof lining, and an array of bespoke solutions. Let Innova Pte Ltd elevate your vehicle to a realm of unmatched luxury and style with the best car seat covers in Singapore.

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nperumal sathiamurthy
nperumal sathiamurthy
Vinz, is a friendly person . I sent in my car to replace collapsed roofing. He quoted me a very reasonable rate and completed the job to my satisfaction. Another satisfied and happy custumer.Thanks Vinz.
Desmond Tang
Desmond Tang
Great service.. excellent price.. highly recommended
Thariq StarKing
Thariq StarKing
Customer service was awesome and very satisfying service. Truely worthy!
eti pu
eti pu
Took me a good three months of searching before a trustworthy friend recommended Vinz at Innova. Brought my wife's CLA coupé to them after C&C quoted me an absurd sum to repair some torn seats. Vinz, Neo and his team did an exceptional job of replacing the worn seat squabs, within a day. They matched the grain, color and top stitching perfectly, with no airbag light issues. At their workshop I had a chance to look at the other work they were doing. Was impressed with the proper way they were handling the dashboards, panels and seats on the cars they were working on. The price charged was really fair value - considering the speed and quality of their work. Can't recommend these guys highly enough.
Bryan Yang
Bryan Yang
Vinz was very friendly and professional. Advised on colour matching. Good workmanship and went extra mile for customer service. Recommended
Jeff Goh
Jeff Goh
Quote for rear seat was reasonable priced compare to a few that I checked. Friendly staffs around. Look for Vinz. Thank you for the service.
Aathi Neelan Ganesan
Aathi Neelan Ganesan
Fantastic Job by Vinz and Innova..detailed and made my car feel like new. Highly recommended
khairul ahmad yahya
khairul ahmad yahya
Quick Turnaround time for patch leather repair on my E250. Within 2 hours, the job was well done. Good boss Vinz plus well motivated and experienced staff in the team.
ivy toh
ivy toh
I am happy with the leather car seats and the deal got from Innova. The experience with Innova was smooth and awesome! Even though I text Ivan for the quote during the weekend, he is able to reply promptly. Also thumb up to Vinz whom give useful advise and suggestion exactly what I was looking for. Lastly, the material leadtime took about a week and installation is amazing only half a day! I am really impressed by Innova team work and efficiency!